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Ok so we have like 20 people and that is way more than enough. if you have your character sheet please give it to me or Nate so we can properly finnish preparing somthing for Thursday.

we're planning on playing for atleast an hour and a half, and that doesnt include preptime for those who haven't played before. It will probably be longer because there are going to be so many people. So plan your snacks or whatever accordingly

If you haven not done so you should start thinking up a backstory for you character. It doesnt have to be anything fancy it just has to be cleared by Nate so we can work that into future events. If you can't think of anything just steal somthing from your favorite movie and pretend you made it up. we probably wont know the difference.

Basicly here's the deal. you work for a university which is contracted by the king and your job is to go to dangerous parts of the word and find items to help them in a raging war. Your starting at the docks on the western edge of the continent.

Figure out why your character would work for them and how you got there. we can help you out with it if you are stuck.

If you have any questions here is the place to ask.

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