beowulf716 (beowulf716) wrote in fpc_gamers,

hey gang!

Hey Gang! Your president here. Just wanted you folks to post when you want the first meeting to be. Everyone is due back on the 4th, I believe, and I would like to have the meeting sometime before the end of that week. Check your class/karate/SGA/masturbatory schedules to make sure there are no conflicts.


-the meeting the week after the first one will be freshmen/exec board only, as I assume club fair will be the first weekend; meeting prior to that will be the first full rostered meeting.
-Metal DDR pads are secured so DDR in the pub can start anew.
-the weekend of september 22 will still be known as LOTR extend-ation. All three extended movies back, to back, to back, it will probably have to start at 11 in the morning so that we can fit in meals between the movies (yes, we plan on feeding you).

any suggestions or comments let me know.
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